Bejeweled 4

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Put your name on the top winners of the week, month or the list of absolute champions. Take on the challenge of Bejeweled 4 and enjoy a colourful puzzle game. To win, you will have to find the treasures of pirates and go on a journey through the oceans of the world.

How to play Bejeweled 4 game

There are colourful gems on the playing field. Arrange identical images in a row of three or more, get rewards and blasters. The main goal is to score the specified number of points to complete the level.

Collect a combination of four or more elements and get a shiny, magical stone that allows you to destroy the entire row of playing cards. By combining bonus elements, players will get an even more spectacular result.

The multi-coloured stone destroys the surrounding jewels. Five consecutive elements create a special booster that frees the field from elements of the same colour.

In difficult moments when it is hard to find an available move, use the hint. Available pairs of elements that can be swapped will be highlighted.

The counters of the number of collected gems move on the screen. Keep track of the numbers and set your own record. Create your strategy and find the best options for creating chains. Test your concentration skills, train your attention and logical thinking.

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