Bug Mahjong

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Bug Mahjong is a fun puzzle game that develops your attentiveness.

After starting, you will see rows of insects on the screen. You need to sort them. Swap neighbouring butterflies and spiders, placing identical insects three in a row. As in other similar games, in Bug Mahjong you need to swap the tiles horizontally or vertically, forming groups of them with three or more identical insects. They will disappear, bringing you points. In the game Bug Mahjong, you need to act quickly.

The time of the level is limited, and while you mess with the bugs placing them three in a row it can be over. At the same time, you should be quick, because each level has its time limit. With each new level, the game becomes more complicated, because the player needs to group 4 insects, as a result of which explosives will appear on the playing field. They will destroy all the figures in the radius of one cell. The game perfectly develops logic and the ability to quickly focus on details.

A funny, but rather difficult game is perfectly designed and complemented by pleasant music.

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