Butterfly Mahjong

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Find yourself in the fairy world of magic butterflies with the game Butterfly Mahjong.

Butterfly Mahjong is a fun and exciting puzzle game. What do you have to do? Everything is very simple at first glance. Just find the same wings and click on them with the mouse. They will unite and turn into a butterfly. The butterfly will fly away and be grateful to you. Make sure that the wings are near or they can be connected by a line without obstacles in the form of other wings. If the same wings are located next to each other, then click on them and release the butterfly. Thus, the task is to release all the butterflies or at least as many as possible.

Your game time is limited so be quick and score as many points as possible. Try to pass all the levels, using your memory and attentiveness. Good luck in passing such a challenging test. This game is more intellectual. So playing it you can not only have fun, but also spend your free time with great benefit. To pass each level, you have to use your attentiveness and memory.

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