The most popular types of mahjong puzzle games are Butterfly Mahjong, Mahjong Connect 1, Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty, Chinese Solitaire, Fruit Connect, Connect Faces, Alchemical Symbols, Diamond Rush and many others. All of them differ from each other in graphics, background images and musical accompaniment, as well as in levels of difficulty. In some of them, you can find various prompts or time counter. Some games are difficult to complete from the very beginning, and some of them you can pass literally in an hour. All these, as well as other various mahjong games will please you.

There are two popular types of mahjong games. In the first type, the tiles are laid out in a volumetric multi-level figure that needs to be disassembled, and in the second type, they are laid out in one level in the form of a rectangle. But the principle of the game in both types is the same. A player needs to remove all the tiles in pairs. But there is another restriction in the second type of the games. You can only remove those tiles that have at least two free sides. In such a way, tiles are located on the edge of the playing field. You just need to find two identical tiles. Click on them with the mouse and they will be removed from the playing field. Doing these simple steps, you need to clear the entire playing field.