Egypt Mahjong

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In this mahjong, you will find yourself in Ancient Egypt, where the pyramids have not yet been plundered and not ruined by time.

The player will see the huge tombs of the pharaohs – the pyramids, which are built of heavy blocks. The tombs inside are decorated with drawings and inscriptions that tell about the life of the rulers of Egypt and the achievements of the pharaoh on the throne.

For them to be more convenient for the player to consider, the pyramids are disassembled into tiles with symbols and drawings, and stacked into a pyramid of mahjong puzzles. You need to find pairs of tiles with the same images and remove them from the playing field. Egypt Mahjong Solitaire has limited time, so hurry up. In this situation, the player is accompanied by pleasant music of the East.

There are more than fifty levels in this solitaire. In the background, you can see the famous Sphinx. The player has three options for mixing tiles and three hints. Hint options will help you when there are no moves left.

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