Fall Mahjong

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In the game Fall Mahjong, we offer you familiar entertainment, which is full of spring atmosphere, special elements with thematic images.
But note that you can only remove unblocked tiles in the game Fall Mahjong. The main condition is that the connection line does not refract more than 2 times. When deleting, focus on tiles with the same images, but at the same time they should match in colour. It is important to match the logical compatibility of the picture, with the images of flowers or animals, with observing the colour identity. A timer is placed to the right of the game zone. It’s more interesting to play with it. The countdown increases the excitement and makes your search for tiles more focused.

You can stop the clock if you play mahjong faster and even gain seconds if you support your success with another achievement. If you’re stuck and don’t see a suitable pair, click on the picture with a magnifying glass in the upper left corner of the menu. Mahjong will highlight 2 tiles for you.

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