Fandango Mahjong

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In Fandango Mahjong you need to do the work of an alchemist in the form of a solitaire.

This is a rather amusing idea. This game has a certain magical atmosphere and a unique style. If you are used to hieroglyphics, playing the mahjong game will surely become one of your favourite puzzles. In Fandango Mahjong you will also try your hand at passing this test. On the playing field, you will see tiles.

Various images and hieroglyphs will be applied to them. You need to carefully examine all the objects and find two completely identical tiles. You select them with a click of the mouse, and you remove them from the playing field and get points for it. In the logic game Fandango Mahjong, the design of the tiles is made in the form of various alchemical symbols and objects. In the game options, you can change the pyramid to 2D or 3D.

Fandango Mahjong allows you to learn the secret of the philosopher’s stone. Time in the game is not limited. You can select the difficulty level before the start of the game.

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