Farm Connect 2

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Farm Connect 2 is easy but at the same time fascinating puzzle game.

In this mahjong, you can enjoy solving a puzzle with pleasant and easy gameplay. Graphics in the game is very bright and colourful. Music in this game is very enjoyable and relaxing. Funny fruits are placed everywhere in a wonderful world-famous puzzle game mahjong. You need to correctly connect the fruit collections. And the faster you can do it, the faster you will win a reward and begin the next challenge.

The goal of the game is to remove fruits and berries from the playing field. This can be done only if you click on paired tiles with the image of food. After that, they will disappear. Using the left mouse button, select the tiles until you see a large picture in front of you. There will not be a single tile on the playing field. Look for two identical tiles with the open way between them.

There can be no more than two 90-degree angles between tiles. Use the mouse to click on the tiles and remove them from the playing field. Repeat it again and again until all tiles will be eliminated.

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