Filipino Mahjong

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Can you remove all the tiles of Filipino Mahjong from the playing field?

Examine them carefully. Look for the same pictures and click on them one by one with the mouse. Such pairs will disappear from the playing field, and the design will gradually decrease. Please note that in addition to the pictures on the tiles, there are also numbers and they must also match in pairs.

You cannot remove all elements in a row. Some of them are blocked. Only tiles that are not blocked by others are active. You must solve Filipino Mahjong as quickly as possible to earn as many game points as possible. When the time runs out, the game will continue, but you wonโ€™t receive any bonus points. After you clear the entire playing field the game will be over.

There are no hints in the Filipino Mahjong, and there is no way to cancel the move, so you have to rely solely on your strengths. First of all, try to disassemble the stacks of tiles to see which images are hidden there. Think over your every move and choose the most profitable combinations.

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