Firefly Mahjong

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An exciting game in the light of bright fireflies is always at hand. Firefly Mahjong is a traditional oriental puzzle game with an original theme. Collect coloured pictures, pair them up and set a record.

How to play Firefly Mahjong

There are playing blocks in front of the participant on the field. They are stacked in several rows in a multi-level pyramid. Pick up identical elements and clear the field of them. Click only on those tiles that are open on the left or right side or are on top of the pyramid.

After the blocks disappear, fireflies appear to replenish the score and fill the scale with light. The number of available moves is displayed on the screen.

Complete the task as quickly as possible, as the time is limited by the timer. As soon as the last second expires, the game ends and you have to start over.

If you can’t find the next pair of bars, click on the hint icon. The possible option will be highlighted and easily found on the playing field. Find nice boosters among the tiles, such as stopping time and others.

If you are looking for a way to relax, play Firefly Mahjong. A romantic atmosphere and good mood are guaranteed.

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