Flags Mahjong

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Now there are 251 countries in the world. Do you know what their national flags look like?

On the tiles, you can see all the famous flags of the countries. In the game Flags Mahjong you can train not only logical thinking but also memory, trying to guess which of the flags displayed on the tiles belongs to a particular country. Recollect the rules of the game.

The goal is to clear the playing field without leaving a single flag. You can only remove paired tiles that have the same pattern. But not every pair you can remove. For example, it will not be possible to pick up a tile if it is covered by the other, or if it is blocked on both sides. When no tiles on the playing field are left, the game will be completed. One advantage of the game Flags Mahjong is the hints.

If you cannot find the same combination of tiles, then click on the sign in the left corner of the screen. Then two paired pieces will be lit up. Think a few moves ahead and be careful.

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