Flash Mahjong

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Are you ready to play Mahjong game? Then join the online game Flash Mahjong.

Mahjong is a popular solitaire puzzle game in the genre of logical games. And this is not surprising, because they are sometimes built with complex, but fascinating tasks that develop logical thinking. The rules are as follows. Find two identical tiles and they will disappear from the playing field. The task is to clear the playing field of all the tiles. But you can only go with tiles that are not covered by the top layer of them.

Solitaire involves not randomly deleting any tiles. So that in the end you still have a suitable combination for removing tiles, you need to think carefully, which tile to remove first. Then think what will be the second and so on. The final situation depends on the sequence of the player’s moves. Also, the same tiles can be removed, even if they are far from each other, but the main thing is that there are no other distance tiles between them. There are 9 levels and a limited amount of time in which you need to clear all tiles from the playing field in the logic game Flash Mahjong. Good luck.

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