Football Mahjong

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Football Mahjong is an exciting action from which the kids feel great joy and true satisfaction.

Quite a lot of boys love such a sports game like football and everything related to it. For such fans, we present the Soccer Match 3 puzzle game. You will have to solve the puzzle related to the attributes of football. On the screen, you will see objects related to the game.

The rules are very simple. You will see a playing field on which tiles will be located with the symbols on the football theme. They will form various geometric shapes and half of them will be under other tiles. You will need to look for objects standing nearby. Move one ball in any direction and put one row of three objects from identical objects. The level is considered completed when there will not be more than one object on the playing field. So show your attentiveness and become the champion in this game. This cool virtual simulator will allow you to feel like an experienced strategist.

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