Forest Frog Mahjong

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Forest Frog Mahjong is a game with nice graphics and an exciting plot.

It will be especially interesting for those lovers of logical games who are happy to return to the game to lay out a couple of levels. The game will take place in the forest because you were invited by the most important frog in the forest. By the way, it has its own small but cosy swamp. Mahjong in the swamp? Sounds interesting. On the game tiles, you can see swamp water lilies, and the rest of the drawings are made in green colours.

The game has 24 fascinating levels. You are given three minutes to solve each level, the score of which you can see on the left side of the playing field. Do not miss this opportunity, if you like these puzzles. Look around, here you can find a lot of interesting and beautiful things. Fluttering butterflies and large water lilies, ripples of water and lush greenery around. All this sets up the game, and pleasant music, on the contrary, will help you to relax and enjoy the process.

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