Kikker Connect Mahjong

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A frog named Kicker invites you to play a new game.

You are given pictures with the image of this same toad and its friends. All that needs to be done is to find pairs of identical pictures and connect them among themselves alternately by clicking on each picture. The Kicker frog with his friends goes to a special school where all small animals are trained. Today, the teacher gave him a task that would test his attentiveness and intelligence. You in the Kikker Connect game will need to help him complete the task of the teacher.

On the screen maps on which various images are applied. Inspect them carefully and quickly find two identical pictures. Now by clicking on one of the cards, extend the connecting line to the other. So by connecting the same image you will earn points. In Kikker Connect, you will need to help Kikker develop his mindfulness. To do this, he will use a special deck of cards. Various drawings will be on it. Cards will lie on the playing field in front of you.

You will have to look for two identical pictures and click on them to connect them with a line.

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