Letter Mahjong

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3D structure in the game Letter Mahjong depicts the entire English alphabet.

The game Letter Mahjong has more than 30 exciting levels of three-dimensional mahjong. This game greatly develops mental logic and also helps to distinguish between images. This version of mahjong games differs from others in that this game goes in three dimensions, and not like in the classic version of mahjong game. Remove paired cubes from the structure and try to meet the deadlines.

The goal of the game is to pick up open pairs of cubes with identical letters of the alphabet on them and remove these pairs from the playing field. In such a way you can expose the cubes under them. The game ends when all pairs of cubes will be removed from the playing field or when there are no open pairs left. The cubes should be collected as soon as possible before the allotted time is over.
What level can you reach and do you have enough patience and attention to do it? Clear the playing field from mahjong cubes. Use the tips if you have difficulties in the game. Play and have fun.

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