Little Panda

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A funny little panda invites you to travel with her. Little Panda is a game of finding identical elements among various tiles. Simple rules and colourful design will appeal to even the youngest users.

How to play Little Panda

There is a playing field with cells on the screen, each of which contains a candy. The goal of the game is to complete the task of the level. The participant must collect the required number of different types of candy. To do this, move the game pieces in adjacent cells and collect three or more identical candies and other sweets in a row. Identical chips disappear and are replaced by others, descending to the playing field from above.

The required number of elements of different types is indicated at the top of the screen. In addition, the player has a limited number of moves to complete the task. When all available moves are exhausted, the game ends. Go through the level from the beginning.

Each subsequent stage becomes more difficult. There are more elements, the location changes, and empty cells are added. Choose the best move to avoid wasting moves. After successfully completing the mission, you can move on to the next stop.

Overcome level after level and win. You can also choose an endless mode. The player must complete the next move as quickly as possible before the timer runs out. For successful moves, the score is replenished with stars and cups.

Collect identical images and win a sweet victory.

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