Luxor mahjong

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Luxor mahjong is the oldest puzzle, once occupying the minds of millions, has gained incredible popularity today .

Many people love to spend hours sitting at their screens of their monitors and dismantling huge pyramids in small pieces. If you suddenly don’t know, recall that to solve mahjong you need to look for pairs of free tiles and the same images. The game will succeed when there is not a single piece on the playing field. By the way, the theme of this mahjong is Ancient Egypt, so it will be not only interesting but also wonderful because the frescoes and hieroglyphs of the Egyptians simply amaze with their beauty and mystery.

Find out the hidden secrets that the Egyptian pyramids hide, decipher all the inscriptions that adorn the inner walls of the tombs. Play the ancient game of mahjong, made up of plates with signs printed on them. Look for paired plates to remove them and open those that are under them. Each sign has its pair, which you must find. Take a trip through Ancient Egypt, find the same tiles and remove them from the playing field in this amazing Mahjong game. You will have an unforgettable pastime with 30 levels.

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