Mahjong 3d Cube

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The game Mahjong 3d Cube perfectly develops your imagination, trains your memory and speed of reaction.

It does not matter whether an adult or a child play this addictive game. The game will be useful and interesting, and not just a waste of time. In this game, you have to disassemble three-dimensional mahjong. There are various drawings on the cubes. You need to make out a large figure, removing two cubes with the same patterns. As you can see, the figures are three-dimensional, so you need to rotate them to see all the cubes. Select two identical cubes that are not blocked with the mouse. Use keyboard arrows left or right to rotate the figure.

Here you will find new tasks, new puzzles and, most importantly, a new format. If you see that you don’t have moves, just turn the cube and you will open new images to which you can pick up a pair. With the game Mahjong 3d Cube you will brighten up your leisure time with incredibly exciting entertainment, which will certainly cheer you up and fill you with positive emotions.

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