Mahjong 4

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Mahjong 4 is an addictive Mahjong with many challenging levels.

The rules of the game Mahjong 4 are slightly different from the usual mahjong puzzles, so read them carefully. The main task is to find the same unlocked tiles and clear the playing field to go to the next level. In different versions of mahjong, the players are offered different conditions for destroying pairs of tiles. But this time they assume that the free tile is one that does not touch other tiles with its left and right sides.

To cut the long story short, you can remove a couple of tiles with the same pattern only when you find exactly those that are not blocked on the sides. It may seem that everything is too confusing and complicated, but in fact, you should try. After playing a few times you will quickly figure out the rules. You can improve your mahjong skills with this online version of the classic game. Mahjong 4 will be the best way for you to spend your leisure time. Get new rewards for your achievements and reach the top of the ranking reaching the final.

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