Mahjong Anime

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Play this incredible Mahjong Anime puzzle game right now.

The monkey king invites you to play Mahjong with him in Mahjong Anime. He has prepared for you an extensive programme from a huge set of puzzles. You can hang for a long time fighting with tiles on the playing field. If you do not know how to play, for a start you can take a short training course. It will not be excessive to pass the level of training, and then select any of the modes: classic, calm, champions mode or the level of the day. Your task is to clear the entire playing field by removing pairs of identical tiles from it.

Earn money for completed stages, buy new styles of tiles and make the game more interesting. You have to deal with the most difficult layouts of mahjong. If you get enough coins, you can visit the store. You can find there an affordable change in the style of the tiles. In addition to traditional hieroglyphs, various images are offered: animals, nature or symbols. Boosters are on sale and you can spin the wheel of Fortune.

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