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Mahjong Artifacts 2

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Great and beautiful Mahjong Artifacts 2 is waiting for you

In this exciting colourful computer mahjong game, your task is to help Professor Hawk collect various mahjong artefacts. Later they will help you complete the game. It will be necessary to find the mysterious Great Artifact, which was created by the legendary Atlanteans. You need to remove pairs of identical tiles to find magic golden tiles, which will show you the right way. There are five game worlds to travel, including China, Egypt, Mexico, Greece and Atlantis. Each of the worlds has a unique set of diverse tiles.

Complete each level and find the legendary artefact is not easy. That’s why it will be useful to practice in two additional game modes – Classic and Endless. When disassembling the mahjong, you can use hints and other functions. This amazingly colourful and interesting game will certainly appeal to all fans of the good old mahjong. Everyone will appreciate the exciting gameplay, as well as impressive graphics and great sounds in Mahjong Artifacts 2.

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