Mahjong Black and White Dimension

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Clear the playing field from black and white 3D stones in a completely interactive way.
In the game Mahjong Black and White Dimension, you will see a mahjong pyramid made in three-dimensional space. It is made up of black and white square stones. To remove two elements, they should have the same pattern, but of different colours. This is the main condition in this mahjong puzzle.

Are you ready to take the challenge of Mahjong Black and White Dimension and complete all 40 levels which gradually becoming more and more complicated? If so, you need to group the black mahjong stone with a white stone with the same image to remove them from the playing field. Stones must have at least two free adjacent sides.

The game has a time limit, so you should not hesitate. For convenience, you can rotate the mahjong stone structure using the arrows on the screen or the arrow keys on the keyboard. Have a nice time with Black and White Dimensions. Try to complete the puzzle in the shortest amount of time to get the highest score.

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