Mahjong Butterfly 3

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Mahjong Butterfly 3 is an exciting game in the genre of three in a row with beautiful butterflies.

In Butterfly Match 3, you need to help the little fairy with magic wings to frighten off the butterflies. If they do not want to fly away, gather three or more identical insects in a row.

To complete the level task, you need to remove the tiles under them. Swap them to achieve the best result. Remove the dark tiles under the butterflies from the playing field. To do this, you need to swap the insects connecting them in lines of three or more identical ones above the tiles. To free the poor creatures three in a row principal will work again. Try to remove all coloured tiles by matching three or more identical butterflies.

If you complete the task successfully, you can go to the next level. Fight against black magic and defeat it after completing forty amazing levels of the game Butterfly Match 3. Let the sun shine again, the flowers bloom and the little fairies are happy again.

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