Mahjong Cards

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In the game Mahjong Cards, the classic board game gets a completely new look.

Mahjong Cards is a mix of mahjong and solitaire. The classic tiles with hieroglyphs, which are a necessary attribute of the traditional mahjong, were replaced with ordinary cards. Queens, Jacks, Kings and Aces decorate the top of the tiles. This is a very unusual innovation. Pay attention to the suit, colour, number and pattern on the card.

The rules remain unchanged. Remove all elements from the playing field, collecting two identical free cards from neighbouring tiles. So that favourite players do not get bored during the game, a certain time is given for each level. The countdown timer automatically starts on the panel at the bottom of the screen. It has three tips and three options for mixing. Please note that the game Mahjong Cards is not only for relaxation.

You will have to hurry because you need to meet the strictly allotted time. Do not forget to use the tips and the option of mixing cards.

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