Mahjong Cars Connect

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Mahjong Cars Connect allows the players to relax and have fun.

Try your hand at finding the same tiles with the pictures of different kinds of vehicles. Your time in the game is limited. You have only 3 minutes to pass the level. Despite its simplicity, this variation has its own rules. You need to combine identical images, which then disappear. In such a way you need to clear the playing field from the vehicles. The main task of the player is to be quick and find all pairs of tiles.

Mahjong Cars Connect has many addictive levels, which are distinguished by their complexity and in some cases make the player be extremely attentive and focused on the gameplay. The main thing to do is periodically monitor the timeline. In case of unexpected difficulties, the player can use the tips that indicate the possible pair of tiles. Start playing right now and check your attentiveness and concentration when searching for identical vehicles. The musical component of the game allows you to completely relax and devote yourself to the game.

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