Mahjong Combi

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Mahjong Combi is a well-known classic Mahjong game, popular in China, Japan, Asia and other countries
In this game, you will find yourself in the world of numerous tiles and their various shapes. Your task in this game is to find the same tiles and remove them from the playing field. Play this game in your free time to become a mahjong master. Make sure you remove all the tiles and win. You can choose from different shapes. You can also play online or just practice. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and have fun. But you can only go with tiles that are not covered by the top layer of tiles. Solitaire involves not randomly deleting any tiles. So that in the end you still have a suitable combination for removing cards, you need to carefully consider the sequence. After all, if done incorrectly, as a result, you can have one tile with different patterns. Use the mouse to control. Do you see what tiles belong together and remove them all away?

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