Mahjong Connect 1 Classic

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Discover the secrets of Eastern wisdom and culture. Mahjong Connect 1 Classic is an original and exciting game for those who don’t like to waste time. Solve puzzles, collect tiles and get a record number of points.

How to play Mahjong Connect 1 Classic

The tiles with Chinese characters are arranged in rows. The player needs to clear the field of all game elements in Mahjong Connect 1 Classic. The tiles disappear in pairs. It is enough to find two identical images and click on them.

You can only combine bars that are next to each other and share a common side, or you can draw a path between them with a maximum of two straight turns. The elements must not be covered by other tiles and must have an unobstructed right or left side. Tiles with floral motifs are also paired.

The task will become more difficult with each level. Tiles can be moved to an empty space. Train your attention and logical and spatial thinking and you will win.

If it is difficult to find the same elements, use a hint. Of course, this will cost you a certain amount of points from your score. You need to clear the game table at the time specified by the timer. That’s when the Mahjong Connect 1 Classic game will be over and if you lose, you’ll have to start over.

Whether you have a minute in line or want to relax after your daily routine or schoolwork, open the game, improve your thinking and develop your own strategy.

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