Mahjong Connect 2

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Mahjong Connect 2 is one of the most interesting varieties of Chinese online solitaire.

Mahjong Connect 2 will turn your leisure time into a fun puzzle solution. Embark on an online journey along the Chinese wall, passing level by level becoming closer to the intended goal. Time to complete each level is limited. It can only be increased with an hourglass. If you can’t get through the first time, you can replay levels without any restrictions. Unlike classic mahjong, tiles are considered open that can be connected directly and those that have only two angles, if you mentally draw a line between them.

This is a rather complicated version of oriental solitaire, but its solution brings incredible pleasure. Three swords are available in the puzzle, destroying a pair, three guns, removing two pairs of tiles at once. The tooltip is represented by a magnifying glass. In total, you can ask for advice 6 times, and mix the tiles three times. Hourglass adds 8 seconds to your time.

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