Mahjong Dimensions 470

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Mahjong Dimensions 470 is a new modern version of the puzzle of all time.

Three-dimensional online solitaire Mahjong Dimensions 470 has always been a terrific game, but, to summarize the experience in one word it used to be a board game rather than a voluminous puzzle. Indeed, for the Mahjong Dimensions 470 game, voluminous means realistic. This solitaire puzzle has the principle of displaying all the cubes at once on the same plane.

The goal of each level is to remove all the cubes in a strictly allotted time. You will see a three-dimensional figure, consisting of many sets of cubes with drawings. Your task is to combine paired pictures so that they disappear. With each change of angle, more cubes will appear. The playing field is designed in 3D. This means that you have to choose the right position of the playing field to see where is a possible move to make. For convenience, you can rotate the figure in all directions to have a better view. Are you intrigued?

Try playing Mahjong Dimensions 470 and enjoy a new experience right now.

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