Mahjong Dimensions Arkadium

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2D games are a thing of the past. Step forward with Mahjong Dimensions Arkadium. This original 3D entertainment for adults and kids will give you an unrivalled experience, a pleasant stay and the opportunity to improve your skills.

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How to play Mahjong Dimensions Arkadium

The dice are stacked in a huge three-dimensional cube. The player’s task in the Mahjong Dimensions Arkadium game is to find the same two elements and click on them. If the correct pair of cubes is selected, they will disappear and reveal the next ones after them. You can’t select elements that are blocked by others on the left or right. Click on the ones that are located on the corner.

Watch the timer. Look for identical images as quickly as possible to complete as many levels as possible before the end of the period.

The full image of the pebble in the field of view is displayed separately, making it easier to see. This option allows you to quickly search for the desired image without turning the cube. The design is easy to rotate to keep all the dice in view. Move the cube in different directions by clicking on the arrows or the A and D keys.

With each subsequent stage, the design will become more complex and the number of images will increase.

Improve your attention span, improve your logical thinking, and practice your strategy. Set your own record and get positive impressions from the Mahjong Dimensions Arkadium game.

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