Mahjong Dogs 2

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The game Mahjong Dogs 2 just for you. You can not only admire the funny faces but also learn a lot of new types of dogs shown on the tiles. Cute characters of Mahjong Dogs 2 will transfer you to the mysterious world of the East, covered with light exciting melodies and cute puppies. But do not forget that mahjong is a game that requires maximum concentration and you should not lose sight of identical pictures of dogs on the field and remove the bones with their image in time.

To complete the game, you need to go through 21 rounds, collecting all the mahjong, using the help of sweet animals. By turning on Mahjong Dogs 2, experience the best eastern puzzle version of all existing. The rules of the game are very simple. Find the same tiles and move on. With the passing of each new level, the figures that are added to the tiles with the image of dogs will increase in size. And there will be more and more varieties of images, which brings to the game its share of interest. Thus, the game Mahjong Dogs 2 will not bother you soon.

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