Mahjong Duels

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In the free puzzle game Mahjong Duels, you can join other players and play mahjong.

This is classic mahjong, but presented in a new format and with new improved graphics. The authors added something new to the classic mahjong game. At the beginning of the game, you place a bet with which you play against an opponent. If you win, your bet doubles and more tiles are available for the next battles.

At the end of each level, you will know the name of the winner. It will be the player who manages to collect all the paired tiles, or simply score more points than the opponent. Find two identical tiles and they will disappear from the playing field. The player’s task is to clear the playing field of all tiles. But you can only go with tiles that are not covered by the top layer of the other tiles.

Blocked tiles will be available when you make moves with tiles located next to them. There are no time limits in the Mahjong Duels solitaire. But playing promptly, you can show your skills.

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