Mahjong Dynasty

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Mahjong Dynasty is an extraordinarily beautiful online game with elements of virtual travel to various parts of Asia.

To win and clear the playing field, the player needs to completely disassemble the pyramid of mahjong tiles. The process is carried out by matching identical images on the tiles. An important point to remember is that only those tiles are removed that are located on the edges or top of the pyramid, and are also free from neighbours. At least two sides must be free from neighbouring tiles. Two difficulty levels correspond to your skills. At any time, you can reset the game and start again, as well as change its complexity. In this game, you will need to complete individual levels. You will have to get rid of individual tiles, which will then make your score a little higher.

Be careful, as this game will not be so simple. Find a way to logically get rid of all the tiles. The game offers great graphics and simple gameplay. The levels offered by the game are well made and very funny.

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