Mahjong for Dummies

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The game Mahjong for Dummies is quite exciting and is designed for players of any age.

Many people around the world love to play Mahjong puzzle. Mahjong for Dummies is a modern interpretation of the popular Chinese board game. You will have to carefully examine everything and find two completely identical tiles. Each of them will be marked with various images and characters. Here you can find an interactive guide. Enjoy a pacifying theme in the style of mahjong and stylish classic graphics.

You also can cancel the move if you come up with a more effective strategy. The tiles are stacked on top of each other. First, you need to remove the top tiles. If you cannot find a pair, the game will offer you a hint. Select them with a mouse click and remove them from the playing field and get points. You need to clear the entire playing field in this way. From the first minutes of the game, it will capture you and will not let you go until you completely solve this rebus.

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