Mahjong Forest

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Forest Mahjong is a beautiful Mahjong game with 100 addictive levels and forest animals.

Can you remove all the tiles before the time runs out? Combine tiles into pairs with identical pictures. Embark on a journey through a magical forest full of animals, plants and trees, which are drawn on the tiles. Remove the same tiles in pairs on the playing field. To complete each level you need to clear the entire playing field. The bewitching and beautiful music will help you to cope even with the most difficult blocks on the playing field filled with paired tiles.

Forest Mahjong puzzle game looks pretty simple. The tiles depict forest inhabitants. The player’s task is to find tiles with the image of the forest inhabitants. Tiles are located on one level in the form of simple figures. However, the game is simple only at first glance. You don’t have time to look around as the time allotted for the level ends. So, the forest is waiting for you and offers you to have a good time, sorting out the mahjong connection.

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