Mahjong Letter Dimension

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For all puzzle lovers, we present Mahjong Letter Dimension.

It is dedicated to the letters of the alphabet. On the playing field, you will see game tiles on which various letters of the alphabet will be applied. They will be stacked and can form various geometric shapes. You will need to carefully examine the playing field and find two identical objects. After they are detected, click on them with the mouse. Thus, you select them and they disappear from the screen.

Your task in this way is to clear the entire playing field. You can use them for combination with any letter. Time goes on, although it is enough to disassemble a pyramid of any complexity – as long as 10 minutes of attentive but calm work, to rush and reap anywhere, making mistake after mistake, it makes no sense. In this mahjong, you need to delete the same letters in pairs to clear the entire field in this way. Letters can be of different colours. You need to look for the same letters.

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