Mahjong Quest

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Mahjong Quest is an incredible mixture of adventure and logic puzzle game.

Discover the mysterious world of the East, choosing any direction of the world. You will find fascinating mahjong pyramids. If you successfully solve them, you will move further and further through the cities and towns.

You can also play in the new version of this game – Mahjong Quest 3 online for free!

The main task in the game is to parse the pyramids of the tiles that will disappear. Only those tiles that have one free side and are not covered by other tiles are subject to connection. Before you begin, you are invited to choose one of the cardinal points. The tasks there differ from each other in design and gameplay. The player needs to follow the timeline, which is gradually decreasing. In the case when there are certain difficulties in the process of playing, you can use ten tips.

You can play Mahjong Quest to relax or enjoy the process of the game. You can also demonstrate your ingenuity, attentiveness and determination. The excellent quality of graphic together with amazing music make this game perfect.

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