Mahjong Remix

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Mahjong Remix is a completely new version of the classic mahjong game, designed specifically for experienced players.

The game Mahjong Remix is a one-level solitaire consisting of four levels. You have 7 minutes to clear the playing field at all levels. Find paired mahjong tiles and remove them from the playing field. This mahjong puzzle has become mega-popular and all possible innovations have been introduced and mastered by the players. You will see classic tiles with hieroglyphs.

Your task is to remove all the elements from the playing field. First, look for identical tiles standing side by side. Then find tiles in the same row or column. Then look for further options. Find pairs of the same tiles that can be connected by one or two pieces, but no more than three lines. By clicking on the pairs, you will see these connecting lines.

If there is a red contour among them, you will not be able to remove the selected tiles. Ready to take on the challenge of Mahjong Remix?

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