Mahjong Titans Classic

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Those who like puzzles and intellectual games will definitely enjoy this traditional oriental entertainment. Mahjong Titans Classic is a game with stones with various images that relaxes the nervous system and trains the mind at the same time.

How to play Mahjong Titans Classic

Brightly coloured game elements are arranged in a multi-level design, most often in the form of a pyramid. Pair identical patterns and disassemble the tiles step by step. Only those tiles that are open on at least one side of the game are active in the game: right or left. Click on identical images and they will instantly disappear from the playing field.

The surface of the elements has images of people, combinations of bamboo sticks and colourful circles, hieroglyphs and other symbols. You will need attention and sharp eyesight to find the right pair of tiles quickly and accurately.

Build your own strategy so as not to create a hopeless situation when there are no more moves available. In this case, start the Mahjong Titans Classic game from the beginning. The tiles will change location, but the progress made will be lost.

Bright design, original graphics, interesting tasks will attract attention for a long time and give you a pleasant rest and relaxation.

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