Mahjong Treasure Quest

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Play the pirate style fun game Mahjong Treasure Quest.

Mahjong is a genre that many puzzle fans love. Here you have to look for treasures on the island, which accidentally slipped on a ship. Coins is a real treasure. You can get them as a result of connecting two similar tiles. It is necessary to remove the figures with images from the playing field faster to receive money for high-speed. Be attentive to learning the rules. There are some restrictions.

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Not all the same objects are connected since on both sides nothing should interfere with the movement. Develop tactics to quickly clear the playing field of tiles and earn as much as it is enough for a pirate to have a prosperous life. A simple but incredibly addictive game will help pass the time, escape from everyday worries, and get bright emotions. An exciting mahjong game Mahjong Treasure Quest is one of the best representatives of this category. Are you ready to become a champion and find a pirate treasure?

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