Mahjong Word

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Mahjong Word solitaire should be separated from mahjong gambling.

Mahjong Word is a board game for one person, in structure and gameplay similar to card solitaire, played using a set of tiles of Asian mahjong.

There are different levels of difficulty – easy, medium, difficult. Mahjong Word game rules are simple. The player needs to detect and remove open identical tiles from the playing field. An open tile will be considered the one on which there are no other tiles on top and on one or more other sides. To display the tiles you need to click on them in turn. If you want to test your intelligence then try to pass this fascinating puzzle. You will have to carefully examine the playing field and find two objects with the same drawings.

You will need to select them with the click of the mouse. Then these two items will disappear from the screen and you will be given points. Thus, you will remove all the tiles and pass the level. The first task is very simple, the tips do half the work for a player, but then the complexity grows and you have to think better.

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