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Mahjong is a great online game for real fans of playing mahjong solitaire.

Enjoy a new version of the classic well-known puzzle. Mahjong requires you to completely disassemble the pyramid of tiles. For each tile in the pyramid, there is a pair with a similar image. Remember, you can remove only tiles located on the edges or on top of the pyramid and only those which do not interfere with the neighbours.

Clear the entire playing field in the given time. To do this you need to find two identical pictures and they must either stand next to each other or there must be a line between them. In such a way, they will be removed from the playing field where they are located. As you already understood, your task is to completely clear the playing field of objects and earn as many points as possible. Spend your free time with this exciting game and try to completely decompose this solitaire.

Pass this extremely difficult Mahjong solitaire game and become a mahjong master. You can even spend the evening by playing the game and going through several addictive levels.

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