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Keep your brain busy, improve your logic and build a strategy. Mahjongg is a traditional Chinese game that will be a real challenge and a great way to relax from everyday life.

How to play Mahjongg

The board features brightly coloured tiles with various elements in Mahjongg free online game. The cubes are marked with characters, combinations of coloured circles, animalistic images and bamboo stick symbols.

Match pairs of identical tiles and clear the playing field. The cubes are placed in a ball of levels. You can only choose those elements that are accessible from the left or right side. Correctly matched pairs of bars disappear, and the player’s score is replenished with points.

Use hints

If you can’t find the next move, use the hint. Using this option will cost you a point reduction. You can use the shuffle option for extra points. The number of elements and the shape of the structure will remain unchanged, only the images of the tiles will move.

A huge selection of levels is available for the player. Each of them has a different configuration of playing elements. Record your score and compare it with the best result of the game. Set a time record. The timer calculates the time spent on the Mahjongg game.

You will need to be attentive, concentrate and create your own strategy in the Mahjongg game. If you have a free minute, relax and play Mahjongg.

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