Marine Mahjong

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In the game Marine Mahjong your task is to destroy the pyramid in a simple way.

Many of us know mahjong, and fans of this puzzle game will like this game. You just need to look carefully at the tiles laid out on the playing field. Today you will dive into the ocean of fun and exciting emotions. This time you have to look for tiles with the same pictures, which depict various fish and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdom and click on them. Just disassemble it by removing two identical tiles along the edges of the structure.

You can collect not only the same pairs but also similar ones. For example, two identical animals in different colours. If you don’t have any possible moves available, use a stirring hurricane or a stone mallet to remove two pairs of randomly selected tiles. Carefully examine all the tiles, and if you need help, you can use the hint. Shuffle all the tiles if there are no moves left, or cancel the move. The time in the game Marine Mahjong it is not unlimited.

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