Microsoft Jewel

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Mysterious treasures are waiting for you. Take a colourful journey with Microsoft Jewel in search of gems. Solve puzzles and fill up your treasure box.

How to play Microsoft Jewel

Colourful stones are located on the playing field. Swap the elements to make a chain of identical images. A combination of four or more chips brings the player precious blasters – chips that destroy several elements and bring more rewards to the account.

Collect the necessary shapes on the screen on the left and fill the scale. If you can’t find the required number of elements, the task may move to the next level. This makes the game as interesting and challenging as possible.

If you need help, use the hint. Click on the magnifying glass and see which element is highlighted. Move the gem and get points on your score. Earn extra points for the longest chains of identical chips, unlock special symbols and set records.

When you run out of available odes, the game ends. Compare your score with the record and start over. The game elements become more diverse with each level. The ability to concentrate and think logically will help you win.

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