Multiplayer Mahjong

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Train your observation and logical thinking with the help of the ancient Asian game Multiplayer Mahjong.

Disassemble the mystical pyramid, making sets of tiles from and removing them from the playing field. Please note that pairs are made up of two identical images. At the same time, the tiles covered by the upper tiles cannot play the game until they are completely open. Gold tiles at the bottom of the playing field are yours, and silver tiles at the top belong to your opponent. Find and click on pairs of your tiles with the same image as quickly as possible to remove them.

You can only click on tiles that have at least 3 of 6 sides. In the middle of the playing field, each player has two small piles of tiles hiding 2 more items. When your opponent’s items are discovered, you can click on them to help clean the tiles. Win the game by removing more tiles than your opponent. The game is over when all the tiles are cleaned on one side of the board or when the time runs out.

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