Panda Mahjong

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Panda Mahjong is a cool new version of the classic Asian board puzzle game.

The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible. Find pairs of unconnected tiles to remove them from the playing field. As soon as you clear the layer, a new one will immediately appear. Pay your attention to the following version of the logical puzzle game. Of course, you are familiar with the rules. If you have forgotten some of them, here are a few words for you to remember.

The tiles are stacked in piles on the playing field of Panda Mahjong. You need to click on two identical tiles to clear the playing field from them. They should be open from all sides. Choose the tiles carefully. It is still very important to control the time. To control the game you need a computer mouse. Left-click on one tile, and then carefully look for an identical one. You will cope with the task if you are diligent, patient and attentive. How many layers of mahjong can you remove before your time runs out? Show your skills and set the record.

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