Power Mahjong

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We invite you to travel along the Great Wall of China in the game Power Mahjong.

Play Power Mahjong and complete twenty-five levels at maximum speed to earn three stars on each. The main character is a cute panda. He is going to take a stroll through a gigantic attraction. During his walk, he will stop, examine the surroundings, the ancient masonry, and at this time you will quickly solve the puzzle removing two identical tiles from the mahjong tile field. Do not hold the panda traveller so that she has time to go all over the wall.

Play Power Mahjong to quickly disassemble a pyramid of tiles with different patterns. Hurry up to sort out the maximum layers for the allotted time limit. The number of your points depends on this. The game has various bonuses that will greatly facilitate your game. Play Power Mahjong and enjoy the original version to the fullest. The fact that time in the game is limited will not allow you to relax and make you gather all your strength, concentrate on finding tiles with the same images.

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