Retro Mahjong

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Retro Mahjong is a game for those who are nostalgic for pixel games and who love different puzzles.

Although graphic images in games are becoming more realistic, voluminous and clear, sometimes we want to return to the times when we saw pixel characters and objects on our monitor screens, and the colours were not too bright.

We present you Retro Mahjong for those who are tormented by nostalgia for pixel games and who are partial to quality puzzles. Mahjong in retro style will satisfy everyone. Only the rules have remained the same. Remove pairs of identical tiles and disassemble the pyramid to the base. This unusual type of mahjong will satisfy everyone. Even the music here is in the style of old pixel games. In this version, you have no choice but to mix tiles.

This game will give you some minutes of peace while enjoying interesting tasks. If you like mahjong, and you are bored with the monotonous pictograms on the tiles, we suggest paying attention to this version of the Chinese puzzle.

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